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  • "Might be the best mouthwash I’ve used to date. Has my mouth feeling refreshing after ever rinse! Great product!"
    Jawaun W.
  • "Loved both the body wash and the body butter. Both products smell insanely delicious. Definitely gained a new customer. Thank you."
    Kennya M.
  • "A liquid African Black Soap that smells and feels amazing. Great soapy, lather. Love the fact that Vitamin E oil is included to help moisturize my skin."
    Lacey J.
  • "Oral Rinse is such an important part of oral hygiene. This Oral Rinse is great for extra protection."
    Janee W.
  • "Friendly customer service and LOVE the product and packaging. So convenient to take on the go :)"
    Delia G.
  • "The packaging was beautiful and the soap smells amazing."
    Adriene W.
  • "Absolutely love this toothpaste! It's easy to use, and feels like a nice treat every time I get to brush my teeth. I absolutely love the Vanilla Lavender flavor/scent and it makes my teeth feel so clean! Love that the company is Black-owned, and will be definitely buying again!"
    Hannah G.
  • "I love this toothpaste! I especially enjoy the taste. I use this twice a day along with flossing and my teeth feel clean all day!"
    Alisha M.
  • "I think this may be my favorite mouthwash EVER! The taste and texture is very pleasant and it genuinely leaves my mouth feeling and staying fresh for a long time after I brush!"
    Mesha A.
  • "Fantastic taste! I highly recommend. I purchased it for my friend after i purchased it. He loves it too!"
    Carmen C.
  • "I really like how clean my teeth feel after using this toothpaste. It tastes great too!"
    Kathleen G.