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The Real vs. The Fake: African Black Soap


By now it should be no secret that African Black Soap is skin-care gold. The benefits range from a reduction in acne and scars to softening and moisturizing the skin. I’m sure you know of at least one person whose skin looks supple and moisturized and I bet they’re using African Black Soap. With the growing popularity of its benefits, African Black Soap is being replicated and mass-produced across the United States and Europe. If you run across a synthetic version of African Black Soap, you can experience dry skin and irritation due to the chemicals and fragrances used in the commercial versions. To save yourself the trouble, here’s how to spot the Real African Black Soap from The Fake!


African Black Soap originates and is produced in Western Africa. It’s 100% natural and uses raw ingredients, including cocoa bean pods, sun-dried African fruits, shea butter, and coconut oil, to keep your skin moisturized and more importantly, healthy. African Black soap is not actually black at all! The blend of these natural fruits, vegetables, and oils is cured into a brown-colored soap.

African Black Soap



The benefits of African Black Soap are what makes it gold, especially for all of us with melanin! Authentic African Black Soap benefits include: 

  • Helps even out dark spots for an even skin tone
  • Improves your skin's elasticity for supple skin
  • Balances oily skin to prevent acne
  • Moisturizes dry skin to prevent irritation
  • Treats eczema and razor bumps

African Black Soap




Fake Black Soap is the mass-produced toxic version of African Black Soap. It’s usually mass-produced by large corporations around the globe. There is nothing natural about Fake Black Soap. It’s made of ingredients like oxides, artificial colors, preservatives, and alcohols. Those don’t sound moisturizing or appealing to my skin. Those ingredients can actually irritate your skin and make your breakouts or dry skin worse. The biggest differentiator when spotting the Fake Black Soap is its color. Fake Black Soap is usually black in color and is smooth in texture. 

Fake Black Soap




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