The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash

So, I recently tried out the Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash and I’m here to share my experience with you. This oral rinse claims to provide 12 hours of fresh breath with its unique pH balanced formula. Let’s jump into the details!

The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

1. Long-lasting freshness: The 12-hour fresh breath guarantee is no joke! I noticed a significant improvement in my breath’s odor throughout the day after using this mouthwash.

2. Powerful active oxygen formula: The active oxygen formula in this mouthwash effectively neutralizes bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. It even reaches those hard-to-reach areas!

3. Dentist formulated: This mouthwash was created by Dr. Harold Katz, and his dedication to combating bad breath is evident in the effectiveness of this product.

4. pH balanced: Unlike many other mouthwashes, this one is pH-balanced, which helps protect your teeth and gums from acid attacks that can cause damage.

5. Alcohol-free: Say goodbye to that burning sensation! This mouthwash is free from alcohol, making it gentle and suitable for those with sensitive mouths.

What Can Be Improved

1. Price point: The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash is quite expensive, especially at its full retail price. Keep an eye out for any discounts or deals to make it more affordable.

2. Taste: While the icy mint flavor is refreshing, some users might prefer a stronger mint taste. It could be improved for those looking for a bolder flavor.

Quick Verdict

In conclusion, the Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash is a fantastic option for anyone looking for long-lasting fresh breath and a healthier mouth. With its unique formula and dentist-formulated design, this mouthwash delivers on its promises. While the price may be a bit steep, the benefits of this alcohol-free mouthwash make it worth considering. If you want to invest in a high-quality mouthwash that keeps your breath fresh for hours, I highly recommend giving The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash a try. You can find it here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

As a resident of the USA, I recently purchased the The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash – Dentist Formulated Oral Rinse for 12 Hours of Fresh Breath – Icy Mint Flavour, 500ml 500 ml (Pack of 1) Oral Rinse – Icy Mint from Amazon. I was amazed by the fast delivery; it arrived at my doorstep within just a couple of days.

Upon unboxing the product, I found an impeccably packaged 500ml bottle of The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash with an enticing Icy Mint flavor. The bottle was securely sealed and the packaging was in pristine condition.


The The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash is manufactured by The Breath Co, a company based in the USA. The product has the item model number DKBRCRS00125. It weighs around 500 grams and has dimensions of 6.9 x 6.9 x 20.3 cm. The mouthwash is sold in a 500ml bottle, providing ample quantity for regular use. Considering the product’s quality and popularity, it is no wonder that the manufacturer has not discontinued it since its release on 14 Oct. 2014. Moreover, it is gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with specific dietary requirements.

User Guide

The product came with an empty user guide. The absence of a user guide was not an issue for me as the usage of mouthwash is quite straightforward. However, having a comprehensive user guide would have been beneficial for individuals who are new to using mouthwashes or are looking for specific information regarding the product’s ingredients, recommended usage, or potential side effects. You can find the user guide for this product here.

Features – What We Found

12 Hours of Fresh Breath

The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse is specially formulated to provide you with long-lasting fresh breath for up to 12 hours. Its unique pH balanced formula effectively fights bad breath, giving you confidence throughout the day. Whether you need fresh breath for an important meeting or a social event, this mouthwash has got you covered.

This oral rinse is powered by active oxygen, which has been clinically shown to neutralize bad breath. It effectively targets and eliminates the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth, even in hard-to-reach areas. With regular use, you can experience a noticeable improvement in your oral hygiene and fresher breath.

Pro-tip: Use The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse in the morning before starting your day, and enjoy the confidence of fresh breath all day long.

Dentist Formulated

The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse was created by Dr. Harold Katz, a dentist, to help his daughter overcome her chronic bad breath. It is the result of his breakthrough research into fighting odor-causing mouth bacteria. This mouthwash is formulated with ingredients that are carefully selected to provide effective oral care.

If you are looking for a mouthwash that is backed by dental expertise, this is the one for you. Dr. Katz’s knowledge and experience have been utilized to create a powerful oral rinse that can effectively combat bad breath and improve your oral health.

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pH Balanced

The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse has a unique pH-balanced formula. Unlike other acid-based mouthwashes, which can harm your teeth enamel and gums, this mouthwash is designed to resist daily acidic attacks. It helps maintain a healthy oral environment and prevents damage to your oral tissues.

The pH-balanced formula also aids in combating bad breath by creating an inhospitable environment for odor-causing bacteria. By maintaining a proper pH level in your mouth, this oral rinse helps keep your breath fresh for a longer duration.

Pro-tip: Use The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse after meals to neutralize acids and prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Alcohol Free

The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse is free from alcohol, which can irritate and dehydrate the mouth. Traditional mouthwashes containing alcohol may cause a burning sensation and discomfort. By being alcohol-free, this mouthwash provides a gentle and pleasant experience without any unpleasant side effects.

Using an alcohol-free mouthwash is particularly beneficial for individuals with a dry mouth, as alcohol can further dehydrate the mouth and increase the growth of odor-causing bacteria. With this non-burning mouthwash, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh breath without any discomfort.

Pro-tip: Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages immediately after using this mouthwash to maintain its long-lasting fresh breath effect.

Clean Label

The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse is made to the highest standards without any artificial dyes or saccharin. It is suitable for kosher, halal, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets, making it a versatile option for various dietary needs.

The absence of artificial dyes and saccharin ensures that you are not exposed to unnecessary chemicals in your oral care routine. This clean label mouthwash provides you with a natural and effective way to maintain fresh breath and oral hygiene.

Science behind the feature 5: The formula of The Breath Co Fresh Breath Oral Rinse is carefully crafted to deliver effective results without relying on artificial additives. Its powerful combination of ingredients works synergistically to neutralize bad breath and improve overall oral health.

Final Thoughts

Our Score: 87.0

I recently tried The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. From the moment I first used it, I noticed a significant improvement in the freshness of my breath. The 12 hours of fresh breath claim is not exaggerated – I felt confident and refreshed all day long. The unique pH balanced formula really works wonders in neutralizing bad breath and it cleans my entire mouth, even reaching those hard-to-reach places.

What I love most about this mouthwash is that it is dentist formulated. It was created by Dr. Harold Katz who used his breakthrough research to develop a mouthwash that fights odour-causing bacteria. I appreciate knowing that this product is backed by scientific research and not just another gimmick on the market.

Additionally, the fact that The Breath Co mouthwash is alcohol-free is a huge plus for me. I have had bad experiences with other mouthwashes that left my mouth feeling dry and irritated. This mouthwash is gentle and does not cause any discomfort. It also has a clean label, meaning it is free from artificial dyes and saccharin, making it suitable for various dietary needs including kosher, halal, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan.

If you’re looking for a high-quality mouthwash that delivers on its promises, I highly recommend The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash. It may be a bit pricier than some other options on the market, but the results are definitely worth it. Better breath and a healthier mouth are just a swish away!

You can find The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash on Amazon.

Best combination

When it comes to maintaining oral hygiene, using a tongue scraper along with The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash can be the perfect combination. The Tongue Scraper Stainless Steel not only helps in removing the food particles and bacteria from your tongue, but it also eliminates bad breath and restores the sense of taste. Its U-shape design makes it easy to use and ensures thorough cleaning of the tongue.

The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash, on the other hand, is a dentist-formulated oral rinse that provides 12 hours of fresh breath. Its icy mint flavor leaves a refreshing sensation in your mouth, making you feel confident and ready to take on the day. This 500ml pack of oral rinse is perfect for daily use and ensures long-lasting freshness.

By using both the tongue scraper and The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash together, you can enhance your oral hygiene routine and experience maximum freshness. The tongue scraper helps in removing the bacteria and debris from your tongue, while the mouthwash ensures complete oral hygiene by killing the germs and leaving your breath fresh for hours.

If you want to take your oral hygiene to the next level, I highly suggest incorporating the Tongue Scraper Stainless Steel and The Breath Co Alcohol Free Mouthwash into your routine. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution for fresh breath, restored taste, and a healthier mouth.

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