About Us

Everyone deserves to smile. 

So we sought out to make it happen. 


Everyone deserves to smile. 

So we sought out to make it happen. 

   Everyone Deserves to Smile

We're a group of entrepreneurs from So Cal with a passion for health and wellness. The major toothpaste and skincare companies didn't get the job done. So we thoughtfully designed Smile Naturals with non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to provide a better, healthier and friendlier solution.When we started Smile Naturals we laid out three key goals to guide our company:

  1. Design products that make people look and feel great

  2. Sustainably source our products and packaging

  3. Do awesome things for our community and the world

Thanks to our customers, we've been able to achieve the first two. Now it's our time to pay it back.

The Smile Space

The Smile Space is a retail concept store and community space created to provide minority- and women-owned small businesses an intimate place to sell their products, network, and be around like-minded individuals.


Located in Downtown Los Angeles, the 2-level space is well-suited for pop-up events, workshops, photoshoots and other small gatherings.The open space allows for ample natural light. Polished concrete surfaces and floor-to-ceiling windows offer the perfect minimalist environment. In addition, tons of natural filters (i.e. plants) make the Smile Space the perfect peaceful oasis for intimate gatherings. 


"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?" - MLK

We're All In This Together: COVID-19

We've partnered with the Coronavirus Relief Fund in Los Angeles to provide aid for our heroes working on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic. Money raised through the Coronavirus Relief Fund will be split evenly amongst CDC Foundation, International Medical Corps and Direct Relief to support first responders & medical professionals working on coronavirus globally. For more information on the Coronavirus relief fund, click here

We donate 10% of our revenue from each purchase to the Coronavirus Relief Fund.