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Package Protection

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Shady neighbors? Beef with the mailman? If your package is lost or broken, we'll replace it for you with no questions asked.


*We highly recommend Package Protection when ordering glass products* 


While we thoroughly wrap and package each glass product, there will be times when packages are mishandled and/or damaged by mail couriers.


Package Protection covers replacement of all items on orders up to $200.00 by replacement or store credit.  No refunds will be given in exchange for Package Protection insurance.


If you opt out of purchasing Package Protection, Smile Natural Products is not liable to replace or refund your order.




Damaged:  Broken — must email photos and/or videos of damaged package to

Lost:  Never arrived, tracking details unknown — must wait 30 days from shipping date to be considered lost.

Stolen:  Package was taken from delivery location — must provide proof of theft (e.g. police report)


Please contact with questions.

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